As announced on PaddleTimes before than anywhere else, the Long Island Invitational is planning to broadcast the men’s semifinals and men’s final online for everyone to watch. If you can’t make the drive to the island, then simply click here on Saturday at around 2:30pm for the men’s semis or at 4:00pm for the men’s final.

Both the Men’s and Women’s draws have been released. Small draws but loaded! However, something kind of strange happened on the Men’s draw. With a 24 teams draw-size there are eight seeded teams when APTA guidelines suggest four seeds and four placed teams. It may have just been a glitch when setting up the draw online.

Men’s Top 8 seeds are as follows:

  1. Easterbrook-Jonason
  2. Du Randt-Parsons
  3. LeFevre-Stulac
  4. Caldwell-Cordish
  5. Broderick-Moore
  6. Arraya-Lubow
  7. Falatek-Najdek
  8. Cochrane-Palmer

Women’s Top 4 seeds are as follows:

  1. Jaffe-Rudloff
  2. Flynn-Tarzian
  3. Delmonico-Prendergast
  4. Prop-Schneebeck

Men’s draw can be found (and followed online) here while the women’s draw can be found (and also followed online) here.

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