Who is the best PaddlePlayer? That is out for debate and always will. However, if we rephrase the question and ask what is PaddlePlayer then we have the answer: A new platform tennis web site created by Mark Parsons, Johan Du Randt, Drew Broderick, and Alex Bancila.

This new an interactive website will be dedicated to platform tennis players of all levels and will cover information ranging from national rankings, live tournament tweets, local happenings, player profiles and interviews.

If you want to know what Mark, Johan, Drew and Alex do during tournaments (when they are not on the court) you can follow them on Twitter:

  • @PaddlePlayerAB – Alex Bancila
  • @PaddlePlayerDB – Drew Broderick
  • @PaddlePlayerJD – Johan Du Randt
  • @PaddlePlayerMP – Mark Parsons

More people reading paddle and talking paddle is a win-win for all. Welcome to the web! Check out their new site here.

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