This Saturday the cream of the crop of paddle will meet at the Sound Shore Invitational. With only two players flying from other regions, this year’s tournament will be a Region 1-2 affair. What’s new at Sound Shore this year? How about the fact that Tournament Director Mark Parsons broadcasted the “making” of the draw online! He shed some light in how draws are made and it was on the Internet for anyone to see.

Anything else? Yes! There will be $2,000 prize money purse for the winning team and, finally, no favors for any of the participants. Who are the favorites to win it all? Coming from reaching the finals at Charities and only having one loss since February, Parsons-Stulac are definitely the front runners. Another top 10 team coming hot from their win at Patterson is Brad Easterbrook and Lennart Jonason.

Any “dark horses?” Young studs Sebastian Bredberg and George Wilkinson will be looking to make a move and, at least, reach the quarter finals. Can Michael Cochrane and Jerry Albrikes be called dark horses? Absolutely not but they will be flying under the radar and can do a lot damage.

Check out the draw here.



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