The increase need of platform tennis information has had two big news in the last few months: the foundation of PaddleTimes!!! and the hiring of Nindy Pike at the American Platform Tennis Association.

The APTA’s Board of Directors and their Executive Director Ann Sheedy created the new Associate Editor/Writer part-time position and began their search. Among the more than 50 applicants from all over the country, Nindy stoop out and the job is now hers. Currently residing in Haverhill, Massachusets, this platform tennis enthusiast, learned to play paddle at Martin’s Dam outside of Philly.

Pike has publishing experience in writing, production, and editing. She also holds a M.A. in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College and loves playing paddle. That question was probably a must when interviewing all candidates.

More paddle news and more info to all paddle players is a win-win for everyone involved in the sport. Obviously, that includes Mindy and paddlers from all seven regions too.

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