If last Sunday the Patterson Club Open put on a great show, just wait to see the line up of teams and players scheduled to play on Saturday at the Atlantic Classic in Essex Fells Country Club. Due to some schedule changes, the tournament was moved from its original date in January to late October. Initially it was thought that it could hurt the field but apparently, the Classic actually benefited from the date change.

Coming from a great win at the Premier Cup, tournament director Drew Broderick and Chris Gambino will definitely be the team to beat.

As of the writing of this article, the top seeded teams were as follows:

1. Broderick-Gambino
2. Durandt-Porter
3. DeRose-Lubow
4. Arraya-Stulac
5. Caldwell-Cordish (placed)
6. Cochrane-Moore (placed)
7. Estes-LeFevre (placed)
8. Cosimano-Haller (placed)

The field has 2011 National Champion and APTA’s #2, 2011 National Runner-up team and APTA’s #6, both players ranked #1 on the APTA standings (although they are not playing together), APTA’s #7 team, APTA’s #3 player, APTA’s #11 team, and APTA’s #16 team. As Broderick describes it:

The draw is loaded!

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