With the main goal of helping its members to become better teaching professionals, the Professional Platform Tennis Association recently announced their Annual National Conference to be held in New Jersey on September 10th. The convention will allow PPTA certified pros to share and learn new information for a full day of enrichment and to raise the platform tennis bar. The conference will take place at Center Court Athletic Club, located in Chatham, New Jersey. Speakers will include Hank Irvine, Mark Parsons, Jean Kempner, Mike Rahaley and Bob Considine. Some of the topics covered in the conference will be “Teaching paddle vs tennis”, “New business trends”, “Court maintenance” and “The evolution of paddle.” To register for the event or to find more information go to the NEW PPTA website @ www.pptausa.com.

I know where my opponent will hit the ball. Do you?
The 2011-2012 APTA Tournament Schedule is out!

Patricio Misitrano