Scott Estes

Scott EstesJust like last season, Mike Cochrane and Scott Estes ended another year as the #1 team in the country. Mike and Scott reached the final or better in every tournament they entered other than Nationals, where they fell in the semis to DuRandt-Porter. They lost to Arraya-Bancila in Charities and then to Broderick-English in Short Hills (Mike had to retire due to an injury).


I still am at a crossroads regarding next year’s paddle season. Estes and I ended the season ranked #1 but we did not finish well once again, Mike published on his twitter account @MickeyC16

A lot of teams would love to have had Mike and Scott’s results. It is hard to imagine being at a crossroads after losing only 3 matches in the entire season and one due to an injury. They have been one of the best teams in the country for at least the last five years and won multiple tournaments. Mike is considered one of the best returners while his two-handed drives and fighting spirit make him one of the best in the game. On the other hand, Scott is know as one of the smartest players out there. He is the one who keeps the team cool and it seems like no one can ever find his weaknesses (if he has any).

Other than winning Nationals again like they did in 2007 and going undefeated next season, it seems like Mike and Scott don’t settle for anything other that being the best, juts like true champions.

Top 25 teams are as follows:

  1. Cochrane-Estes
  2. M. Parsons-M. Stulac
  3. Arraya-Bancila
  4. D. Broderick-Gambino
  5. Berka-Eberly
  6. DuRandt-Matt Porter
  7. Derose-Lubow
  8. Easterbrook-Jonason
  9. Bondurant-Johnson
  10. Marino-Uihlein
  11. Caldwell-Cordish
  12. D. Broderick-Moore
  13. English-Heil
  14. Engel-Martin
  15. Goodspeed-Mansager
  16. Cosimano-Haller
  17. LeFevre-Misitrano
  18. Ohlmuller-Schmidgall
  19. Englesberg-McMaster
  20. O’Connor-Schmitt
  21. McKnight-Rose
  22. McFaden-P. Stulac
  23. Byrnes-Struck
  24. Falatek-Najdek
  25. Bredberg-Wilkinson
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Parsons-Stulac and why (and how) they won Nationals

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