How cool would that be? Apparently someone in the Westchester area actually has that vanity license plate on his car. Peter Dampf has the honor to drive around on his car showing off his love for paddle. Peter has been playing paddle for decades and is also known as one of the most knowledgeable and intense captains in the Westchester Platform Tennis League. He has been the captain of Greenburgh 1 for several years and coached several national champs such as Jerry Albrikes, Mike Gillespie, Bob Conklin, and Hardy Manges just to name a few.

We know that he has received offers to sell the license plate for thousand of dollars and refused it every time.

There is no enough money to buy it, Peter claims.

If you owned that license plate, how much would you sell it for? We all know that paddle players don’t play for the money. Peter is one of them and he loves to drive his car with “PADDL10S” written on it. He lives in New York State, but who is stopping paddlers to do the same in the other 49 states?


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