How difficult is to win a National Championship? How difficult is to win two National Championships in the same year? How about three? We have not idea but we may have to ask Bobo Delaney who just claimed her third National title of the season yesterday when she partnered with Judy Takach at the Women’s 50’s. The tournament was originally scheduled for January 12th but had to be postponed and rescheduled due to a snow storm twice. Bobo just came from a big win on Sunday with Steve DeRose at Mixed Nati0nals.Bobo’s consistent game has been improving since she won her first Junior National title in 1976 in the 18 and Under Girls with Lynn Kafer. She then partnered with Sarah Krieger to win again in the 18 and Under Girls two years later. Bobo and Sarah got together eleven years later to take on the big names in paddle and won the Women’s Title. That’s pretty remarkable and has never been achieved by any other team of women players. That is, winning the Junior and the Women’s titles.Bobo will try to continue making history next week, when teamed up with Tonia Mangan will participate in the 2011 APTA Women’s Nationals. As the #7 team in the Nation they will have a decent chance at getting to the finals rounds.Here is a complete list of all 16 National Titles won by Bobo, her seven different partners and her now legendary collection of bandanas:- Open 1989 (1)- Mixed 2011-2007-2005-2003-2002 (5)- 40’s 2011-2005-2003-2001-2000 (5)- 50’s 2011-2010-2009 (3)- Junior 1978-1976 (2)

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