Back in October of last year Juan Arraya and his crew of PPTA pros headed over Rochester, New York, for yet another successful Free Clinic and Exhibition, the program sponsored by the APTA to help grow the sport and give back to APTA supporters.Among one of the new players was Juliette Little-Broderick. While reading and hanging out in the hut, Juliette decided to give it a try and took part in one of the clinics. Apparently she had skills and was very talented but ended up looking like a pretzel a few times when trying to get the balls off the wires. None the less, she went home to New Jersey and continued playing.A month later, Juliette played the Atlantic Classic Women’s B tourney. She gained a lot of experience but not so lucky in the winning matches department. Next tourney was the New Jersey State Women’s. Juliette entered the Novice Draw and WON. Pretty good, uh! Now she is ready to take on some the top players in the country at Husband/Wife Nationals. Good news for her is that she picked a good partner.

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