HalloweenWas it a treat or a trick in the schedule that has 4 teams’ undefeated and 4 teams looking for their first win after three weeks have been completed this season?

H-Valley completed their third win of their season over another Top 6 team from last season Overbrook. Eger and Hall dropped their first set to Captain Rodney and Doug Morrow on court 1 but then won the next two sets for Overbrook’s only court of the night. Courts 3 and 4 both split but the Van Buren brothers were able to pull out the third set on court 2 and Fred and John Luviano won their third set on Court 4. Captain Rodney stated after match, “After taking down Martins Dam, Overbrook, and Waynesborough in consecutive weeks, the Main Line better get their games together before too long as it looks like our only competition may also be on our side of the river (P-Cricket).”

P-Cricket remains undefeated as well, as they take 3 courts off of Martins-2. Carter and Doc won in straight sets on court 3 to secure the only victory for Martins-2. Both Courts 1 and 2 went the distance but both Tom Harris and Ritesh won on court 1 while Larry Hyde and John Talbot was able to take the third set on Court 3. Mr. Hyde after his match was asked about Ritesh’s phenomenal play this season to which he replied “No one knows this but Ritesh has been diagnosed with a condition which allows him to take normally banned substances to improve his focus and concentration throughout the match. He has always displayed extraordinary talents in the cage but now he can keep his sh*t together for an entire match.” The MMWARC is looking into seek documentation on Ritesh’s self-documented condition.

Wallingford also won their third in a row this week over Kennett. It appears by all account that the Dunkel pick up over the off-season is paying off as this week Dunekl and Shrager dropped only a single game in all three sets. They have yielded one game or less in 5 of the 6 sets they have played together this season. After our Holiday Break Wallingford takes on P-Cricket which should be a great test for both teams early season form which will also knock off at least 1 undefeated team after week 4.

Martins-1 defeated a now 0-3 Merion by taking courts 1, 2, and 3. Johnathon Moyer and Brian “Mr Steady” Crocheire won on court 4 to stop the sweep. Merion does not catch any breaks after the break as they have both the undefeated Wallingford and then Aronimink. For those keeping tabs our very own Mr. Falatek and Vlatko picked up the #2 seed in a National Ranking Tournament in Rochester this weekend. There recent phenomenal performance in the Atlantic Classic where they had a huge upset over 2 time National Champion Mark Parsons and a national finalist Alex Bancilla in a tight three setter. They dropped a tough match to Grangiero and Wilkinson in the Semi’s.

Waynesborough traveled down to Vic Mead and hoped to keep The Dead Foxes winless after three weeks succeeded in their quest. More importantly Vic Mead’s beer fridge was not empty at the end of the evening which was a success in itself. Vic Mead did pull out a victory on Court 2 as the duo of Jake Miller and Bill Pound won a third set tie-breaker to defeat Oberly and Ridder. It was Oberly and Ridder’s only 2nd loss in 3 seasons. Rumor has it that Jake called the local beer distributor after his match to be on call to restock the fridge in celebration of his court’s victory. Vic Mead has no easy road after the break for their first victory as they take on the undefeated H-Valley.

The Aronimink vs. Greenville match scores were not posted in time for this update. Let’s just assume that Aronimink won it making them the 4th unbeaten team this season. If not, we will redact the story next week and make no knowledge that we ever published this paragraph and maybe even apologize to the Greenville squad who would have pulled out the upset of their careers.

After last year’s fiasco of scheduling matches on Halloween, the MMWARC had decided not to schedule any matches this Halloween and everyone on Thursday should enjoy the night off with their children or the children that show up on their doorsteps.
For those that do not get enough play during the week, we have 3 local tournaments that are coming up that would love to see you in the draw. On November 2nd, we have the Chaos in the Cage, on November 9th we have the Whitford Open in which all of the proceeds are directed to a local charity, and on November 16th we have the Delaware open which will feature the best and strongest teams in the region and beyond and this year the tournament has added a Men’s 45 and over tournament as well.

Broderick-Wilkinson Win Rochester Open
Let's Hear It For The Girls!

Keith Studnick