Lindsay_HapgoodAs we head down the homestretch in the WPTL of the winter session, roughly half the teams have one match left, and the other half have two matches left. As this goes to press, on the eve of the week 7 matches, no promotion or demotion has been determined in any of the top four divisions. As usual, all stats can be found HERE.

Division 1
Who are these two guys who have recorded some serious upsets at the one line in the storied d1 of the wptl, culminated by beating the mighty, mighty MikeyC in straight sets in week 6? I had written these guys’ previous wins off as not real one teams that they had beat, but even I could not spin this last win as not legit. I am sure many people did a double take when they looked at the score on paddlepro and thought that perhaps the scores were reversed, but no it is true these two beat Mike Cochrane and Mike Stern of New York Athletic Club 1 by a score of 6-4 and 6-2 (although MikeyC played with a Sorba).

This highlighted a surprising 3-2 win for Bronxville Village 2 over NYAC 1. This leaves NYAC 1 in third place, far behind Manursing Island Club 1 and Greenburgh 1 whom are tied for first with 25 points each. MIC 1 swept Orienta Beach Club 1, 5-0 and GB 1 beat Flint Park 1 4-1. That leaves FP 1 in second place with 16 points. The more interesting race is for demotion, or to avoid demotion. In last currently is OBC 1 with 8 points with one match left against Country Club of Westchester 1 who is 2 points ahead with 10 points after losing 4-1 to Bronxville Village 1. That leaves BV1 with 11 points, and they face off against the aforementioned BV2 who has 9 points in a Bronxville scrum to take place Tuesday night. So, essentially each team here controls their own destiny regarding demotion.

Division 2
Siwanoy Country Club 1 remains in first place with 21 points, but the second and third place teams have played one less match. SCC1 beat Scarsdale Golf Club 1, 4-1 and faces second place Bronxville Village 3 Tuesday night. BV3 beat Scarsdale Village 1, 4-1, and again has two matches left. Shenorock, the third place team, did not play last week and faces Larchmont Yacht Club 1 Tuesday night. Shenorock also has two matches left. On the demotion side, SV1 is in last place with 4 points with two matches remaining. Sleepy Hollow Village 1 is second to last with 7 points and also has two matches left.

Division 3
Century Country Club is on first place with 22 points after beating New York Athletic Club 2, 4-1. They finish Tuesday night with Pelham Country Club 1, who after losing 5-0 to Wykagyl Country Club 1, is in danger of suffering a double dip this year. They are tied for last place with Larchmont Shore Club 1, and after being demoted in the first semester could get demoted again. LSC 1 lost 4-1 to Maursing Island Club 2. MIC 2 is tied for second place with WCC1 and has two matches left. The two have yet to play each other and this could actually help first place CCC.

Division 4
New Rochelle Tennis Club 1 and Bronxville Village 4 are tied for first place in d4 with 20 points each, with the caveat that NRTC 1 has played one less match. NRTC 1 beat Orienta Beach Club 1 4-1 last week and BV 4 swept Pelham Country Club 2, 5-0. That leaves PCC 2 in last place with 5 points, but they still have a chance to avoid demotion because they have 2 matches left, while White Plains, who is second to last with 10 points, has just one match left.

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