The American Platform Tennis Association (APTA) is looking to secure an exclusive APTA Lead Partner (sponsor). While they are in the process of formalizing a new partnership with a sports marketing firm, they recently reached out to all paddle entusiast to help and share any leads or recommendations they may have.

At the helm of this project is APTA President Rob Coster:

Our sport is truly hitting a powerful stride with new courts and even more new leagues & players joining the APTA around North America. Our goal is that the benefit gained with sponsorship will go primarily to support the ongoing Grow the Game initiative and also help to underwrite other important activities of the APTA such as the Junior Tour and National Championships.”

Some of the main selling points that the APTA has are quite impressive. They have a comprehensive brand engagement with a devoted audience of 12,000 members (individuals, clubs, municipalities and leagues) and more than 160 annual APTA sanctioned tournaments, including 26 National Championships events.

The APTA has access to a loyal fan base with unprecedented spending power. 82.80% of players earn more than $100,000* while 30.60% earn more than $300,000*.

To learn more about how to become an APTA Lead partner call 888.744.9490, email or simply click HERE.

*All information compiled from a 2012 survey conducted by the APTA.

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