The Thursday night gang enjoyed some great paddle weather this Thursday and everyone is attempting to catch WCC on a bad day and pass them, the team has been very consistent this year and yields very few points in the process.

P-Country was looking to turn around their past two weeks performances and pick up a W but Waynesborough was in full force and captured courts 2, 3 and 4. In typical Nolan fashion, they were able to gut out a gritty first two sets over Tim McAvoy and Hank Oberly before dropping the third set. Unfortunately for P-Country, that was the only court they would win for the evening and with the win keeps WCC 3 points ahead of Wallingford for 1st place.

Next weeks head to head match of the W’s (Wallingford and Waynesborough) should be a classic as the first match up of these two squads ended up with a Wallingford win by 1 game. Who would of thought that TaskyKakes President and voracious quality control taster Paul Ridder would have earned his 12 consecutive victory this season. You have to go back to February 2010 to find a blemish on Paul’s perfect record over two season.

This week, Captain Safford even saddled Paul with himself just to see how versatile a player Paul is and true to form, the duo won all three sets. We overheard that the Wallingford squad has placed a weekly order for TastyKake for the remainder of the season.

Not to be outdone, Wallingford picked up a hard fought victory over Martin-1 in a tie-breaker of sets. Furman and Shrager battled to a loss in a third set tie breaker over Scott Falatek and Gregg Frigerio. Mike McGrath and Tim Brooke continue their undefeated ways as they take down Wheeler and Donches in straight sets. Wallingford needs to win next week to have a chance of taking the divisional crown for the first time in their clubs history in D1.

Aronimink squeeks out a victory over Greenville in a tie breaker of sets as courts 1, 2, and 3 were all sweeps. The two points puts Aronimink in sole posession of third place and Greenville is now in a three way tie for fourth place.

Standings of Top six

WCC – 26 pts (next week Wallingford)
Wal – 23 pts (Waynesborough)
AGC – 19 pts (MD-1)
PCC – 17 pts (Greenville)
Green – 17 pts (P-Country)
MD-1 17pts (Aronimink)

The bottom six also battled it out on Thursday night, but nothing short of a miracle will change the standings on the bottom to determine who will be moving down to D2 next season.

In the battle of the bottom, Vic Mead won their 2nd consecutive match this week over Kennett and moves them now in a tie for the last spot. With 2 weeks to go, both teams are 4 points out of catching either MD-2 or P-Cricket. It is now a must win situation for both clubs and they will need help just to get into a tie breaker situation.

Over at Merion, Merion was able to win courts 1, 2, and 4 to take the two points over P-Cricket this week. Merion is hanging tough with the bottom 6 and is the leader of the pack vying for one of the elusive 2 play-off spots (if available) for the post season.

Lastly, Overbrook won courts 1, 2, and 3 to secure their points from a very disappointed Martins-2 team. Once again, the only tiny light of hope is a win on court 4 from Brain Aguilar and Jerry “Grand Master Funk” Bernie over Rich White and Rich Devine. This duo is undefeated this season on Court 4

Standing of Bottom 6

Mer 16pts (Next week MD2)
Ovb 15pts (Next week Kennett)
PCK 13pts (Next week Vic Mead)
MD2 13pts (Next week Merion)
Vic 9pts (Next week P-Cricket)
Ken 9pts (Next week Overbrook)

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Keith Studnick