That’s what Tournament Director Suzanne Lanthier claims.

Well, let’s see. These are some of the reasons why should you play the 2012 Mixed Canadian Open:

  • The entry fee is only¬†$30 per paddle
  • The entry fee is payable on-site
  • The entry fee guarantees three fun matches
  • The entry fee includes breakfast, lunch, tournament balls (they better!), prizes, beer, and wine (they better!!!)
  • The entry fee does not include the group dinner and other festivities on Saturday night (but you can pay with Canadian dollars)
  • The entry fee does not include housing but Suzanne may be able to hook you up with some extreme Canadian cribs

For more information AND TO REGISTER, please call Suzanne Lanthier at (416) 388-3139 or send her an email to Hurry up, the tourney is scheduled for January 28th but the deadline is on Wednesday, January 25th.

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