First and foremost, one of the games largest accomplishments was announced yesterday and it just so happens that it is being bestowed to our Pied Piper of Paddle, President of the APTA, champion of way too many tournaments, former National’s Tournament Director, Husband and Father, and Waynesborough Country Club Member Tim McAvoy.

Tim received news yesterday that he has been elected into the APTA Hall of Fame which if similar to prior years in which he will be honored during a ceremony at the APTA Nationals being held this year in Long Island, New York. I am sure he would welcome a contingent of MAPTA members to attend the ceremony whether or not you plan on playing in the tournament. Feel free to reach out to congradulate Tim this weekend as he pounds the courts this weekend with his son Tom in the PA States.

Speaking of Tim and WCC (19pts), they continued their winning ways as they took on Merion (11pts) and completed a sweep in the process. Both Merion’s 1st and 2nd teams had split sets with WCC but somehow WCC was able to win the third sets in both matches without dropping a single game. On Court 3, the undefeated for the season Hank Oberly decided to help out a fellow player with the worst record at WCC, Keith Studnick and the Duo battled to a difficult but straight sets victory over Ed Saxman and Greg Eger. Merion was hoping to defeat the #1 team in the divisions 2 weeks in a row, but the absence of a few key players made that all but impossible. Merion is now in a must win situation over P-Country next week to ensure a shot at a spot in the Top 6.

Wallingford (17pts) bounced back nicely after their loss to maintain their second place spot with a win over Philadelphia Cricket Club (8pts). P-Cricket’s 10 points earned this season to date, will not be enough to move them into the top 6 and actually moves them into a tie for the second to last spot.

Mr. Pickleball Dan Wheeler and Greg Donches earned a key victory for Martins1 (14 pts) over Aronimink’s (13pts) Neal Bozentka and Cliff McLaughlin. Martin’s has now won 6 of their last 7 matches and clinched their spot in the Top 6 and although Aronimink has not clinched their spot yet, their matchup with Vic Mead next week creates no cause for worry.

P-Country (12pts) won for their third time in a row, this week in a sweep over Kennett (8pts). A win next week for P-Country over Merion assures them of a spot in the Top Six.

Greenville (12pts) won for the first time in five weeks in a tie breaker of sets over Martins-2 (10pts). If Greenville can defeat Kennett next week, they will be one of the more surprising contestants in the final 5 week showdown. Martins-2, while not completely out of the running for their spot, will need to beat their club mates Martins-1 and need some other help along the way.

Vic Mead (4pts) could not make it two in a row as Overbrook (9pts) won three of four courts and moved themselves out of the bottom 2 spots. While neither team has a shot for the top 6, both teams need every point they can earn to stay out of the bottom 2 spots.

Standings after 10 weeks (1 week remaining before split)
Waynesborough – 19pts (last match P-Cricket)
Wallingford – 17 (Overbrook)
Martins-1 – 14 (Martins-2)
Aronimink – 13 (Vic Mead)
P-Country – 12 (Merion)
Greenville – 12 (Kennett)
Merion – 11 (P-Country)
Martins-2 – 10 (Martins-1)
Overbrook – 9 (Wallingford)
P-Cricket – 8 (Waynesborough)
Kennett – 8 (Greenville)
Vic Mead – 8 (Aronimink)

Down the stretch they come
Shea-Arraya make it three in a row

Keith Studnick