Twas the last match before Christmas, and all through the town.

The D1 boys were playing, for a shot at the crown.
Their rain gear was on, as the sky were all gray.
And the boys from Vic Mead boy did they pray.

The Wallingford men were ready all snug in their little shack,
While visions of keeping their lead on the rest of the pack,
Merion came to town and imparted some pain,
But how many pros? Coach Derek said in distain.

Kennett traveled to Wanesborough’s halls,
For a taste of Mark Ray’s famous meat balls,
Much to their dismay, there were none in the pot
The result of the the match put WCC in the Top Spot.

Martins-1 has the pickle ball king,
Whose play this year could be the spring,
For Greenville was looking to hit a home run,
But traveled back home with points equal to none.

Over at Overbrook’s palace, the Mink came to bang
Overbrook did everything they could do to hang,
The Mink was missing a few, but brought their “A” games,
And took this contest by a total of 7 games

P-Country losers of four of the last five,
Needed to show Martins-2 that they can still thrive,
P-Country not only did they win but they had a sweep,
All that could be heard from Captain Dan was bleep, bleep, bleep

Santa had some time to bring some good cheer,
He came to hang out to enjoy a frosty beer,
As Vic Mead battled this night with P-Cricket
With Vic Mead cashing in their very first victory ticket

As the D1 boys rested their paddles for the night,
They hoisted their beers and turned out the light,
The next two weeks are off for holiday celebration
And maybe some well earned vacation

See you in the a few weeks, it is the last call
Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Good Health to us all

Standings after 9 Weeks

Standings after 8 Weeks – Matches Remaining
Top 6
Waynesborough – 17 pts (Merion – Pcricket)
Wallingford – 15 pts (Pcricket – Overbrook)
Aronimink – 13 pts (Martins1 – Vic Mead)
Martins-1 – 12 pts (Aronimink – Martins2)
Merion – 11pts (Waynesborough – Pcountry)
P-Country – 10 pts (Kennett – Merion)

Bottom 6
Greenville – 10 pts (Martins2 – Kennett)
Martins-2 – 9 pts (Greenville – Martins1)
P-Cricket – 8 pts (Wallingford – Waynesborough)
Kennett – 8 pts (P-Country – Greenville)
Overbrook – 7 pts (Vic Mead – Wallingford)
Vic Mead – 4 pts (Overbrook – Aronimik)

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