This coming Saturday Region 3 will host one of their most fun events of the season. Yes, we are talking about the Mason-Dixon Cup. Why is this tourney so much fun? This annual intra-regional event created by Mark Holtschneider features the top 5 teams from the South (Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia) versus the top 5 teams from the North (Delaware, Philadelphia and Lehigh).

Holtschneider’s goal was to encourage more play among Region 3 players but some claim that he just simply wanted to create another excuse to play paddle. It was a success anyway.

Top teams from both the North and the South will be selected using last season’s PCQ points. In last year’s edition, the North was lead by Scott Falatek, who took the team to an 11-9 victory. Scott and partner Todd Marvin finished the event undefeated. The North will be looking to get their 6th win in 9 editions. Could they repeat in 2011?

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